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Learning to dance made fun and easy. 

Beginner 4 week dance courses

Our dance courses have been designed with the beginner in mind. 

Each course will teach you a basic routine in two of the dances.

Our Strictly courses cover the following dances:

Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Quickstep,

Salsa, Tango, Foxtrot , Rock n roll, Jive, Samba & Paso

Maybe you're a fan of Strictly Come Dancing or always fancied being confident and relaxed whilst on the dance floor. If so then one of our beginners 4 week courses are a great way for you to take your first steps in Ballroom & Latin dance. Start learning with the emphasis on enjoying a range of dances. 

Build up the steps and techniques of each dance, whilst making socially distant new friends. It’s the journey not the destination that is important. So why not come join us! It’s a skill that will last you a lifetime and an exciting new hobby you can share with your partner. 

With our experience, we believe 4 weeks working on 2 dances in each course enables you the best chance to learn the most you can at your own speed becoming confident to dance socially. Please book your place via the PayPal link at the bottom of the page. 

Our friendly qualified staff will help to lead your partner through the course which builds week on week. At the end of the 4 weeks there is the option to continue on a monthly payment basis.

New Courses for 2020

Please note as we are in Tier 3 restrictions we are unable to run any adult courses.

Please note that for all courses if you are going to be away for holiday we recommend making up these classes in another course upon your return. Our courses on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, there is always another course to join to catch up missing weeks.
Couple prices
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We enjoyed the first Argentine Tango lesson very much and even though we were not very good, it was still good to think that we could put together 8 steps each in our first ever dancing lesson! 

Paul Sept 14

I attended a 6 week course as a single person in 2013, since attending class I have met my partner and haven't stopped dancing since.

Andrew & Diane

Myself and my husband were nervous about attending as we are both in our 50's and didn't know whether we would fit in. After week 1 our decision was made we loved it. Not only were we having fun and getting fit but we were doing it together.

Bob & Susan