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Private Dance lessons in any style of dance

Book a Private lesson any in style of dance Monday to Saturday

Why choose a private lesson?

The advantage to private lessons are that you can learn the dances that you want to learn and at your speed. These are ideal for people who have danced before and want to really boost their skills quickly and effectively. The teacher will focus on your strengths and work the best choreography for you. 

Likewise as a beginner, if you have tried to dance before but never seemed to get the grip of it our dance teachers are very patient and happy to spend the time with you perfecting the moves, timing etc. 

All lessons are payable in advance, our teachers hire the space from the studios and have to pre book the room with payment, so in turn we ask for 24 hours notice of cancellation and the cancellation fee is £7.50. If less than 24 hours notice provided then the whole lesson is chargeable.

Price list

30 min - Children £10 (up to 11yrs) - Adult £15

45 min - Children £15 (up to 11yrs) - Adult £20

60 min - Children £20 (up to 11yrs) - Adult £25

90 min - Children £25 (up to 11yrs) - Adult £40

Group booking 4-8 people 1 hour £35

All private lessons must be booked and paid for in advance.

Private Lessons
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